Met de Hospital Hero app wordt een bezoek aan het ziekenhuis minder spannend

Om een ziekenhuisbezoek positiever te ervaren, kunt u gebruikmaken van de Hospital Hero applicatie. De app bereidt ouder en kinderen van 4-10 jaar voor op hun bezoek aan het Willem-Alexander Kinderziekenhuis. Door spanning en angst van kinderen voor een ziekenhuisbezoek te beperken, kan het bezoek fijner, beter en efficiënter verlopen. Het spelen en leren gaat thuis al  van start. Bij het openen van de app kan elk kind een beste dierenvriend kiezen die het kind meeneemt op reis door het

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What can tracks teach kids? Preschool science activities are a big deal

Oh, that’s how that works—wow! Your preschooler’s inquisitive little mind is going ten million miles an hour as they start putting together all the information that they’ve gathered about the world during toddlerhood, from motion and body movements to using new materials and supplies to craft something unique.And, according to our experts, that makes this the perfect time to start helping kids build early science skills and more. There will be focus throughout this year on mastering letters, sounds, and

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How to help your children be smart

Today it seems as if everyone, including young children, are plugged in. Playing games, using educational apps, watching YouTube videos, thumbing through social media—screen time is a part of our culture. And while technology has become a critical tool in our lives, it has also been linked to emotional and health risks, including the tendency to sit instead of being physically active, sleeping problems, social isolation, and bullying. There will be focus throughout this year on mastering letters, sounds, and

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The best learning toys for little kids, recommended by teachers!

Why are preschool classrooms still full of simple, classic toys and activities we played with when we were kids? The answer is simple: While times have changed, brain development hasn’t! In fact, children learn best through play, when they’re relaxed, engaged, and having fun! Building blocks, play dough, and crafts allow children to do so much more than stack, smoosh, and stretch their imaginations! They sharpen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, lay a foundation for early math concepts, and

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